Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DIY Easter Arrangements

Once a week we get together and talk about ideas - things we've seen, been inspired by, or that have been rambling around in our brains. With Easter coming up, we found ourselves discussing fun, DIY centerpiece ideas. We came up with a design that draws inspiration from traditional Easter elements, while also incorporating a more modern aesthetic. We wanted something that the whole family could participate in, and that can be personalized to suite your taste. And frankly, we fell in love with it!

Monochromatic clusters of fresh spring blooms rest beside eggs dyed in matching hues, nestled in a carton of the same color, and accented with scattered egg shaped candles.

To color the eggs, try using natural dyes. We picked some up a local store, but you can also make your own using household ingredients, vegetables and spices. By eliminating toxic dyes from the process, you will be able to compost the egg shells once they've been used! Check out our links below for tips and recipes for natural egg dying. We used the same dye for the eggs to color the cartons. Make sure the cartons are thoroughly dried before placing them on the table, as they could stain your linens, and will be very fragile to move around.

You'll need:
1 block of floral foam
3 Carton of eggs in cardboard cartons
3 Colors of Dye
Votive, Tea light, or small floating candles
Fresh floral product of your choice (we used 1 bunch apricot spray roses, 1 bunch green bells of ireland, 1 bunch yellow blooming acacia)

Soak the floral foam by placing it in a sink full of water and allowing it to fill with water on it's own - don't press it down or it won't soak evenly. Let soak for approximately 5 minutes, then cut the block into 3 even pieces lengthwise. Line the lid of each colored egg carton with cellophane, and fill with one of the slices of floral foam.

Evenly cut up your floral product so as to get as many blooms as possible. You will want to leave approximately 1 inch of stem to insert into the foam.

Spray roses are perfect for this project, as you will have a large amount of blooms. It's best if you let them open for a few days so they are nice and full, and achieve a natural, gardeny look. We used an apricot colored rose, but they come in many shades of pinks, peach, yellow, white and cream. We'd be happy to help you order a variety that suites your aesthetic.

Once all three cartons have been filled with flowers and eggs, you will want to replace a few eggs per carton with a candle. We did two candles per carton.

This centerpiece looks incredible draping down a long table, like this one at our one of our favorite local restaurants, Venue.

It's simple, yet bold and dramatic - and a new way to look at traditional dyed egg centerpieces. And, of course, there's plenty of room for interpretation. How about doing the entire piece in shades of blues, purples and fuchsia -with one tone blending into the next. Purple onions and beets make excellent egg dyes, and there's are wonderful selection of floral product that we could help you pick out to correspond. Or cooler is always stocked with a wide variety of fresh cuts for you to pick from, or let us order in a few bunches just for you.

And to top it all off... we just couldn't resist this tiny, hand blown glass bunny! We're known for carrying a selection of quirky hand blown creature like this little guy. As an extra touch, why not place one on each napkin as a favor for your guests. It's bound to get conversation going, and laughter flowing.

Looking for something a little more simple? How about this streamlined centerpiece consisting of antique milkglass containers, white eggs, and a lush cluster of blooming acacia. For a special touch, hand write your guests name in pencil on white eggs and rest inside a nest of natural twine, at each place setting or napkin. This design is absolutely elegant!

Please let us know how we can help you make your Easter celebration special!! We're always excited to talk about fun, floral design ideas - so come in and say hi!! We'd love to hear what you're doing for your holiday table!

Make your own Easter Egg Dyes:

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